Victory Circle


Here’s an interesting old aerial photo of the complex intersection of Oakdale, Lowry Avenue, and Victory Memorial Drive in 1950. The Dutch Treat Dairy Bar sat on the southwest side of the intersection where Oakdale, Lowry Avenue, Victory Memorial Drive and Xerxes call came together. After the dairy bar closed a little superette was named for the old roundabout at the beginning of Victory Memorial Drive opened up. Neighborhood legend has it that a kid had no business riding a bike without training wheels until they could make it around the traffic circle no handed. In the 1960′s the Victory Circle Mart became North Drug and Victory Hospital became North Memorial Hospital and has since expanded across the street and into the next two blocks. Victory Memorial Drive is still Victory Memorial, but North Drug moved into the Oakdale Medical Center and the building was torn down.


  1. My family lived on the corner one block in on Xerxes and moved to Drew ave. Robbinsdale in 1944. One of my first memories was a Japanese midget submarine (captured intact on Oahu) on the back of a flatbed truck parked on Oakdale Ave. for a War Bond drive.
    Before the traffic circle their was a post like electric stop and go sign located in the middle of the intersection.

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