Sanborn Terrace on Crystal Lake

The Sanborn family had owned land and farmed in Crystal Township in the years before Robbinsdale was incorporated as village. Arthur Sanborn became the first President of Crystal Village after it was incorporated on January 11th 1887. In the years before Crystal Village was dissolved Charles Sanborn, Horatio Stillman, John Russ, and Joh Shumway owned much of the large unplatted areas in what was eventually incorporated as Robbinsdale. During the 1920’s when Sanborn Terrace was platted and development began around Crystal Lake, Robbinsdale experienced an unprecedented building boom. Those years also saw city’s population increase 23.3% to 4,427. Times were looking up an people thought it would last forever, but much of the city north of Crystal Lake would not be developed until after the Great Depression and the Second World War. This brochure was printed for the David C. Bell Investment Co. in 1923. The newspaper clippings below are from the same time period.

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  1. We raised our family on the corner of France & Shoreline Drive (4300) Nice area still. Great to see the early photos.

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