Robbinsdale 125

Helping to celebrate 125 Years of our growing and thriving city will be even MORE fun when you know more about it! In that Spirit, the Robbinsdale Historical Society and Robbin Gallery will be opening their doors for a special exhibit February 1st through February 24th. Enjoy the historical documents & photographs! Learn about the people that helped make our city great! And you can pick up a swell POSTCARD book (or other items) as a souvenir to help support our efforts! It’s been a fascinating 125 Years and we’re still standing. Discover the many reasons why that might be. Check the Robbin Gallery website for more info. See you there!

“What did people do for fun in 1893?” and how could that help us plan events? Outside of watching paint dry, they used play the fiddle and watch each other’s beards grow… Share your talents at this big Robbinsdale  event! Check out Robbinsdale 125 on Facebook for more information.


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