In the Shades of Robbinsdale

I have seen some beauty spots
while traveling to and fro
Through the biggest part of the USA
And through Canada also but now my rambling days are o’er
by water and by rail I have settled down in that beauty town
in the shades of Robbinsdale


Come out and share the balmy air
And then you will not fail
to sing in praise of the frigid rays
In the shades of Robbinsdale

So if you are discontented
In the place that you call home;
come out and see this charming town
before you further roam
Crystal Lake shore you will adore
Where shady nook’s prevail,
And the Twin Lakes, too, will charm you
In the shades of Robbinsdale

I have built a cozy little home
In that green and shady bower
I will linger there from toil and care
Each leisure evening hour
I hope to meet old friends I met
Along the Minot trail
With friendship true I will welcome you
In the shades of Robbinsdale


James J. Summers

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  1. Loved going to the library. Have always liked reading, books and the smell of books. Also reminds me of childhood and time spent with my mother as she also loved books. Still read every day. Wonderful memories of this library.

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