File#BF049 Schuler Shoes

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BA Robbinsdale Historical Society
CB shoe store history
DE 1989
DF Photos, Newspaper Articles
DS 1976
IA (On both photocopied articles) Sun Post Jan. 29 1976; (Two men in store) John Scott, Schuler Shoes; (Men standing outside stores) 1891- DuPont and West Broadway
IN BF049
OB Schuler Shoes
OC Business Files
PB This file contains two photocopies of what look to be Sun articles describing the Schuler Shoes business, including pictures of the first and second shoe stores, as well as a brief history beginning with Vincent Schuler opening the store in 1889. There is also a more recent Sun article from 1989 which is a more descriptive article featuring owner John Schuler. Added is a reproduced photo from 1891 that depicts the front of the Schuler Shoes store (Next to the Nelson Grocery) with men standing in front.
PD Two artifacts here are photocopies taken out of a newspaper, and two are actual newspaper cutout. There is also an original photo and a reproduced photo
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TI Schuler Shoes
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