File#BF043 Robbinsdale Grocery

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BA Robbinsdale Historical Society
DF Photos, Newspaper Articles, Recollections, Artwork
DS 1928
IN BF043
OB Robbinsdale Grocery
OC Business Files
PB This file contains several artifacts related to Robbinsdale Grocery. There is one reproduced photo of the store’s interior and three workers. There are also three advertisements for the store and its products, two of which depict lists of prices, while the other is an advertisement for Atwood’s Dripco Coffee. There are also two drawings of the store’s exterior, as well as two sheets describing facts about the store, including a rough timeline and notable people conencted with the store, including Nathan Russ, George Swift, Erwin Peterson, and Lars Nasett. Recently added is a street view of the block with Robbinsdale Grocery in the middle, probably from an era around the 1920s. Added is a photo on a cardboard backing that shows a man driving a truck marked as Minneapolis Allied Grocers and a Robbinsdale sign on the back- could this be for the Robbinsdale Grocery, or is this for another business?
PD Three reproduced photo, two blacka dn white drawings of the store, two original newspaper (?) printings or advertisements as well as another photocopy of the same, ad two recollections, one hand-written, the other typed
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TI Robbinsdale Grocery
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