File#BF032.1 Nicklow’s

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BA Robbinsdale Historical Society
DF Photos, Newspaper Articles
IN BF032.1
OB Nicklow’s
OC Business Files
PB This fie contains one newspaper article written by D.G. Blore, describing outrage over the closing of Nicklow’s Restaurant for the construction of a highay off ramp. The article also describes Cristo Bakritges, one of the restaurant’s waiters. Recently added are three personal photos (marked to be returned to Pat Lindquist annd Associates, Ltd.), one showing a presentation of a check to the Nicklow Corporation, the second of a serving staff in front of a buffet line, and the third of two people singing.
PD One newspaper cutout and three original photos in an envelope
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TI Nicklow’s Restaurant
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The Chalet restaurant cahnged hand s ans became Nicklow's
The Chalet restaurant chahnged hands and became Nicklow’s