File#BF029 Miscellaneous Restaurants

%0 241
BA Robbinsdale Historical Society
DE 1998
DF Photos, Newspaper Articles, Booklets
DS 1963
IA (Dairy Queen) Pix taken 1991, W. Bdwy near 40th Ave. N.
IN BF029
OB Miscellaneous Restaurants
OC Business Files
PB This file contains artifacts from various restaurants in Robbinsdale, including a photo of the Dairy Queen, a newspaper describing the opening of the Roma Coffeehouse, and several restaurant menus for the Malcoff’s Confectionery, Yuen Faung Low “John’s Place,” and the Bungalow Inn and Motel (could be a hotel packet holder instead. Also included in this file is a catalogue of restaurant supplies and services from 1963.
PD One original photo, one newspaper cutout, three original restaurant menus, and a catalogue of restaurant equipment and services
QU 6
TI Miscellaneous Restaurants
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