File# FF118 Trump



Record number 119

Institution name Robbinsdale Historical Society
Object number FF118
Number of parts 30
Distinguishing features Photos, Newspaper Articles

Object name and title
Object category Family Files
Object name Trump
Title Trump, John A.

Physical description
Description Photocopies of photographs, black and white and a newspaper
cutout featuring an older photo

Inscriptions and markings
Inscription / marking numbered photos, but lacking any written reference

Object history
Object history note A collection of photocopied pictures of early Robbinsdale,
probably from the early 1900s, which depict family
portraits, some buildings in town, such as the Custom Feed
House, as well as other portraits, landscapes, and views of
everyday life. Recently added is a newspaper cutout that
references a photo from “50 years ago” that shows Bertha and
Ruth Trump, perhaps family members?

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Date 2014-01-12
Time 12:39:19
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Date 2014-08-10
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Date 2014-04-02
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