April Membership Meeting Minutes


The meeting was held in the Historic Library Building beginning with the Pledge of Allegiance. President Diane Jacobson McGee reviewed the Minutes of the last meeting in the absence of the Secretary. The Treasurer’s report gave our checking account balance.

UPDATING THE MUSEUM The Board is purchasing six foot tall by four foot wide glass fronted cabinets to replace the low glass show cases now in place which should make our collections much more visible and attractive. They will be delivered on May 2nd.

CITY GARAGE SALE The City of Robbinsdale will have a city-wide garage sale on June 6 and 7. We will be a part of the sale with items that are duplicates and extras from our collection. We will show and sell on our lawn.

OUR MEETING SPACE Appreciation was given to the Robbin Art Gallery for sharing their space with us for our Historical Society meetings. Thanks to Carl and Jeanne for their help and generosity. (They are also working on upgrading the bathroom!)

THANKS GIVEN to Judy Quinn, Corrine Jones and Suzie Klatke for their treats. Also thanks to those who set up the meeting space.

OUR PROGRAM THIS MEETING was a presentation by Councilman Bill Blonigan who brought large display boards that show what changes and improvements might be part of Robbinsdale when the light rail comes to town. The displays showed “present city areas” and “proposed areas” and other changes that are possible. He answered many questions that clarified some plans for our city.

NEXT HISTORICAL SOCIETY MEETING: Tuesday, May 24 at 1:00 pm in the Historic Library Building with Dave Kiser of Channel 12 showing the “Robbinsdale” video that was started a year ago. Dave says the 45 minutes of the film is well worth the time it takes to see it.