The First Congregational Church

The First Congregational Church was built On land donated by the Shumway family. Meeting first in the Village Hall, the First Congregational was an offshoot of the “Little White Church” on Broadway and Bass Lake Road. Twenty-eight charter members became a driving force that helped establish what was to become Robbinsdale’s first youth center. An addition was added to the building to house the Sunday School. It was open to the entire community . The church then added a gymnasium, an auditorium, a reception hall and became a focal point for social events.  Any group  had only to stop next door at the parsonage and ask for the key to make use of the facilities and move ahead with their function. The community was saddened when the church was demolished in 1965. Reverend W.W. Dale served as pastor from 1935-1964.


  1. The “church” was not demolished. The building was. Our church continues to serve as a community center under a new name, and we love our town!


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