The Twin Lake Highlands Addition

            ” A new addition just being platted. Twenty acres of beautifully wooded high land bordering the lake shore. This addition extends from Forty-fourth Avenue North to Twin Lake and Shingle Creek. A few blocks from the new North Side Boulevard, 10 minutes walk from electric car; 35 minutes ride from Nicollet Hotel, Washington Avenue and Hennepin. Beautiful view of lakes and creek from our high wooded lake shore lots. Building restrictions. Forty-fourth avnue is becoming and avenue of beautiful homes.”

 -From the Robbinsdale Souvenir, 1911



  1. This is the driveway from the Robbins mansion west to where Hwy 81 is now.
    Hwy 100 would be North and west of here, I think. Anyone have hard facts about this??

    1. I have always wondered where exactly the Robbins house stood. Before the overpass was built, I once read there was a remnant of the house at the old picnic ground. Does anyone know about this or have photos of the old picnic ground where the Robbins house once stood? I also wonder what came first: W. Broadway or Hwy 81?? I’m guessing Broadway, but does anyone know when the highway was first constructed?

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