The Shumways

The Shumway hayfield in 1899 with the Congregational Church in the background.

John P. Shumway purchased 45 acres of  the Crystal Lake Township for $25 dollars a piece in 1856. He built a modest home near Twin Lake and managed to get most of the land under cultivation. In 1890 he  donated a half acre for the construction of the First Congregational Church at what is now the northwest corner of Highway 81 and 42nd. Shumway was Township Treasurer for over twenty years. His wife taught sunday school and later became the president of First Congregational. Their twin granddaughters, Esther and Evelyn helped form the Robbinsdale Historical Society.

The Shumway Twins

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  1. I grew up down the street from the Shumway Twins on Lakeland and as I child visted their home many times. In fact, I have a 18″ x 12″ framed copy of the above Shumway hayfield photo you have above that they gave my mother.

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