The Security State Bank

On January 1916, The Security State Bank, incorporated December 16th, 1918, opened for business in old Robbinsdale State Bank Building. The previous bank, incorporated in 1906, failed at least twice, was lampooned by the local press and described by prominent citizens as “disappointing”.  The Security State Bank’s first officers were, T.M. Anthony, Arthur Ovrum and J.W. Roache. The bank promoted itself issuing metal savings bonds to early depositors. In 1921, Tom Howard was elected president. In March of 1922, it was announced that the Security State Bank would erect a new two story brick building. The upper floor was rented to Fawcett Publishing. Captain Billy’s business boomed and a third floor was added six months later. On April 19th, 1930 a bandit attempted to get away with $5000. The incident was called in by the bank’s janitor, Ted Haight. The robber shot dead by Robbinsdale Police Officer, John Bloberger Jr. In 1946 the bank’s name was changed to, The First State Bank of Robbinsdale.

The Security State Bank in 1938.