The Library Club’s First Library

The Robbinsdale the Library Club was organized on January 3, 1907 with 26 members. Mrs C.W.G Hyde was the first president. The members voted to contribute an additional dollar a month to the salary of the librarian. For a while the Robbinsdale Village Council gave one dollar per month, but later it was decided the village could not afford this expense. The council did allow the books to be placed in the village hall free of charge including lights. Previously the books, mostly donated by citizens, had been kept in the Columbia Hotel, and later in the drugstore. Ms. Claire Sessing served as the librarian. Books began to disappear from the shelves faster than they could be replaced and finally the ones that were left were placed in storage for two years. In November 1917 a small building on West Broadway was purchased for $225 and moved to lots on 42nd west of the railroad tracks these lots had been donated and purchased earlier. The building was stuccoed, given hardwood floors, redecorated and opened to the public on June 28, 1920.

The village council gave $100 to buy 38 books Mrs E.N. and Russ and Mrs. E. Forsyth took care of the library for one year each donating her salary to buy books. In 1921 Francis Pollard became librarian and served over 30 years. The Library Club maintained the library until January 7, 1922 when it was turned over to the Hennepin County Library system with 1500 volumes. The club still owned the building and maintained the grounds. After Miss Pollard stepped down, The Library Club club set up a memorial fund to purchase books for the library. For 70 years the devoted women of the Robbinsdale Library club worked hard to see this service be provided to Robbinsdale in the surrounding area.

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