The Hotel Columbia

Built as a temperance house by C.T. Griffith, the wooden, three story Hotel Georgia opened in 1890. The hotel had 23 bedrooms and a large double parlor. Meals were served family style. The Georgia was home to furniture workers  and seminary students. In 1903 the hotel was purchased by J. Coulter and the name was changed to Hotel Columbia. Coulter advertised in the Robbinsdale Park Progress  that ” Special attention would be given to the entertainment of sleighing and trolley parties from the city. A couple years later the building was sold to W. D. Bartlett. He remodeled and allowed the hotel to be used for classes during the construction of the Parker School. The building was torn down a few years later to make way for a drugstore owned by Henry Bartlett. The drugstore at 4139 West Broadway later became Henney’s. After the drugstore closed in 1963 the building was purchased by Braun’s Bakery.