Rounding up Robins on NWCT’s 12 News


It’s pretty hard to get a couple old friends together, let alone several thousand. But that’s exactly what a group of volunteers in Robbinsdale are determined to do for a Robbinsdale High School reunion scheduled to take place next fall.

“We want to restore the heritage, the greatness of Robbinsdale High School,” said Mark Sorenson, chairman of the reunion planning committee and RHS class of 1966 graduate. “Everything revolved around that high school.”

Robbinsdale High School’s legacy spanned nearly five decades. In that time, students experienced a legendary sports program and the sting of corporal punishment with a few swats of a paddle. Organizers are calling on all former students, teachers, administrators, coaches or family members who were somehow a part of Robbinsdale High School’s history to come back home to share their fond memories.

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