Progress in Robbinsdale Park

 During the 1920’s,Edith Robbins and her sister, Amy Robbins Ware, owned and operated the Robbinsdale Hy-Way Tea House, in addition to their regular real estate, insurance and loan business, as The Andrew B. Robbins’ Estate, and The Robbinsdale Insurance and Loan Agency, at No. 4223 Crystal Lake Avenue. Working for her sister, Amy Robbins Ware spent much of the early 1920’s engaged in her favorite task as architect for the many homes now being erected in Robbinsdale. Edith Robbins was always amazed at the progress that was made outside her own front door an told customers that she was sure that the shining pavement known as the Jefferson Highway must have been underlaid with a firm foundation of the rubbers her children left stuck in the mud of the ofttimes impassable Crystal Lake road of their school days. ( Crystal Lake Road was renamed West Broadway)