Our Old Village Hall

Robbinsdale’s Village Hall was originally built for the Village of Crystal in 1888. The dedication ceremonies included a banquet with foods furnished by everyone in town. Forty-seven years later Mrs. Horatio Stillman still remembered the event. She said she’d never seen so much food and described the village hall as Robbinsdale’s pride and joy. The two story brick building designed by L.J. Nasett was erected on land donated by Alfred Parker at a cost of $2500 and $3000. After Crystal Village was dissolved in 1892, Parker bought the hall for $500 and the land went back to the him. When Robbinsdale officially became a vilage in 1893, Parker sold the building to the new village for $500 and received $2000 dollars for the land he had previously donated. In 1936, a $5000 dollar addition was built on the north side of the building. In spite of the fact that the land had always been used for public purposes,the old city hall was demolished to make way for the parking lot of a Red Owl grocery store in the early 1950’s.