Our Little Library

In November 1917, a small building on West Broadway was purchased and moved to a lot donated by the Parker family on Rockford Road just west of the railroad tracks. The little structure was stuccoed and hardwood floors were installed. The Robbinsdale Library opened to the public on June 28th, 1920. The Village Council gave $100 toward the purchase of books. Mrs. E.N. Russ and Mrs. E. Forsaith took care of the library and donated their salaries toward the purchase of books. In 1921 Francis Pollard became the Robbinsdale’s librarian. The library was maintained by the Robbinsdale Library Club until it was turned over to the Hennepin County Library system in 1922. The next library was built on the same location in 1926. Francis Pollard stayed on and took care of our library for over thirty years.

Francis Pollard