On Our 90th Birthday


On February 7, another petition, with over 6000 names was presented to the School Board. An election was held on March 21. There was vigorous campaigning on both sides of the issue. The 8.5 million dollar increase was upheld with almost 27,000 voters voting, setting a record for School District 281 elections.

On March 29, Walter Fehst, our City Manager, in his “State of the City” address to the members of the city’s commissions, mentioned future plans. There will be more redevelopment on West Broadway. North Memorial Hospital is planning some remodelling and modernization. The access road from County Road 9 going south onto Highway 100 will be completed. A committee studying the most appropriate use of Lee School or the site, has requested proposals for development from developers.

The Robin Hotel in 1983

Helen Blodgett concluded her book, Robbinsdale Then and Now with this paragraph:

Robbinsdale residents are depressed because we consider the closing of all but one school catastrophic for our town. Future historians may be able to record brighter news in the decade of the 80’s for this interesting town which is so loved by so many.

On April 19, 1983, Robbinsdale had its 90th birthday!