McNair Manor

McNair Manor is rapidly developing! Building is active and improvement work is to be completed within a month. The history of this new subdivision tract is startling. Placed on the market only a year ago go by Dickinson and Gillespie Incorporated Realtors, 733 Metropolitan Bank Building, it already has over 40 homes completed or in the process of construction. There are nearly 8 miles of grated roads in water system sufficient for 5000 persons and electric power at approximately 1200 lots to build a new city. The location is ideal just north of Glenwood Park and on the famous Victory Drive between 19th and Lowry Avenue is the center. McNair Manor manner is about 3 miles from the Minneapolis loop district and is served by two car lines, the Broadway and Robbinsdale streetcars. It adjoins the city limits of Minneapolis but is actually located in the progressive village of Robbinsdale which has tripled its population in the last three years as building statistics will testify. Minneapolis is showing unmistakable growth in the direction of Robbinsdale. McNair Manor fills a much-needed demand for desirable home sites in this district. Dickinson and Gillespie claim it is the finest largest improved residential Park subdivision they have ever placed on the market in Minneapolis. There is over a mile of Parkland Boulevard frontage on Victory Memorial Drive. The location of McNair Manor makes it extremely desirable from the standpoint of recreational facilities with two park lakes, Glenwood and Crystal nearby. McNair Manor is close to high-class municipal golf links and a beautiful paved boulevard. Many of the best citizens in the city have already purchased home sites both because of its residential qualifications and it’s investment possibilities…

Courtesy of Jeff Vick

McNair manner is a continuation of the residential and park district of Lynhurst, Lake Calhoun, Lake of the Isles and Glenwood Park, 681 acres in the area the largest of 123 public parks, this park has with and it’s confines Glenwood Lake, one of the lake gems of the Minneapolis lake and park system with fine public bathing and beach houses. Glenwood Park also has a new clubhouse complete with 36 hole public golf course which offers the residents of this locality, almost at their door the advantage of indulging in the nation’s favorite sport. The planners who laid out McNair Manor for Dickinson and Gillespie have taken into consideration it’s wonderful adaptability and of sought to beautify the area by laying out it’s streets and Boulevard’s to conform to a rich typographical possibilities. The 80 foot Boulevard streets have been laid out in attract park residential developments. The water system includes a tower and tank with the capacity of 50,000 gallons, a double action pump capable of 175 to 200 gallons a minute and 25,000 feet of cast iron water mains have been laid in the streets. Electric power line provides light and power to the residence and power to run the water pump. This huge water system is now operating. Protective restrictions with reasonable provisions will govern the building of homes in McNair Manor. Park Boulevards will be protected to ensure the type of home which will be a credit to the community. Interior lots will be more lenient and less restricted to allow the purchaser of an ordinary home for limited time until the permanent home is constructed. McNair manner additions have been practically sold out. A third unit is now on the market. These home sites are being placed on the market with extremely easy terms giving everyone the opportunity to participate in this great new home community project.

From The Northern Headlight, September 17th 1924



  1. Some of the houses pictured in the Northern Headlight, September 17th 1924 edition are on Zenith Avenue North, behind North Memorial Hospital. Mine is one of them!

  2. My parents bought their home on 27th Ave and France in 1933. Wonderful open fields for children to play in. In the spring I remember having our car towed from the muddy clay roads! Great friends in the few scattered houses.

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