May Membership Meeting Notes

The May 26, 2015 Membership Meeting of the Robbinsdale Historical Society was called to order by President Diane Jacobson McGee. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

The Minutes of the April meeting were reviewed by the Secretary.

Diane announced that we had $145 donated to the Society in memory of Ray Milford our Treasurer for the past several years.

Our new Treasurer, Dean Cummings, was introduced. Dean gave us a greeting and told us of his background.

Betty Olson has resumed her position as Membership Chairperson for which she was thanked.

Diane said our museum has been “re-done” with many of the articles we had displayed at the Hennepin History Museum and encouraged members and friends to visit soon.

Our guest speaker was Earl Johnston, past President of the Historical Society, who told of the work that has been done with displaying awards from the Robbinsdale schools. He encouraged us to visit Sandburg Community School where we can enjoy this work. Earl then told some reminiscences of his as a student at Robbinsdale schools which began discussions among those present.

Thanks were given to those helping set up for coffee and treats and to Betty and Dodie for being at the Welcome Table. About 25 persons were in attendance.

OUR NEXT MEETING WILL BE TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22 AT 1:00 PM. At this time we do not have our program in place but promise it will be one of interest to members and friends.

TREATS FOR THE SEPTEMBER meeting will be by Jerry Therrian and Doug Blumb. (One other person promised to bring treats but the “sign-up” paper has been misplaced! Was it YOU?)

Carolyn Lageson, Secretary