Lee Elementary

Lee Elementary opened in the fall of 1948. The first principal was O.B. Aftereth. During post war years  the Robbinsdale School District built 18 elementary schools. Despite local opposition, Lee closed in 1981. The  school was sold and demolished to make was for the Lee Square Cooperative senior housing project a couple years later.





  1. I remember starting 4th grade at the Regent grade school in the fall of 1948. The Lee school’s construction was not complete until about November and until then we were on a split shift if memory serves me correctly.
    Moving into the new school, the first one constructed after the war was exciting. Notable memories include the “Little Theater” where the band practiced, the hand washing sinks in the lunch room and the big folding gym partition. The classes were in the low to mid forties and no T.A.’s. I will never forget when a fellow named Herbert wrote a swear word on the black board. Miss Roemer, the 5th grade teacher grabbed him by the hair and slammed his head into the blackboard a few times. Nothing like that ever happened again. My 6th grade teacher Miss Bohmert taught well past her retirement years. We said the Pledge before class every morning.

    1. Brooks, are you sure that naughty boy wasn’t Howie Braugt?? I can’t spell his last name, but I do remember he was a”bad boy” and all the girls were crazy over him, me too. Diane Jacobson

      1. Diane,

        Howie Braught got slapped by Miss Bohmert in 6th grade. I was in her class too. Braught was a smart ass and deserved it. A day later the issue was discussed and Phyllis Hayek stood up to defend Braught at least chastised the teacher for slapping.

  2. I went there for 1st through 6th grades. Miss Miller (blue hair) for 1st, Olson, 2nd, Mrs. Nelson, 3rd, Thor for 4th, Guetches, 5th and a man for 6th, forgot his name. Adair for kindergarten I think (Miss Pat Mooseburger)

  3. From the fall of 1968 up to the spring of 1971 I attended kindergarten and special classes. The principle then was Mr Ironside. My special ed teacher was Mrs Zidel. I loved the long back yard and the large auditorium in the basement. From what I remember, the building had a leaky roof in the NE corner making one of the classrooms unusable. Too bad this building was short lived, but maybe it was falling apart too soon.

  4. If you guys have more photos of this school, I would appreciate you posting them on this site. Thank you.

  5. I attended 1st and 2nd grade at Lee School, then we moved to Chicago in the winter of 1958/59. I remember Miss Bachie in 1st and Miss Karl in 2nd; and this enormous school and vast playground. Let me know if there is an fb page for Lee School.

  6. We attended Lee School in kindergarten, probably 1950. My twin sister Laurel and I were in separate classes. Our teachers were “Miss” Crownhart”, and “Miss” Tobin. We think that my husband David Van Auken, was in Laurel’s class. His family lived across the street from the school, 3617 Lee Ave. I recall the rag rugs we laid on during our little break, and also the playroom where there was a doll house and toys. (It seems like!) We walked from 3957 Noble Ave., to the school. The fountain where we washed our hands was circular, and we thought it was quite something.

  7. I went to Lee elementary from 1972-1979 (k thru 6). A short walk from home on the 35th block of Major Ave.
    I remember very fondly my 4th grade teacher Mrs. Horns.

  8. I went to Lee from 1974-1979, 2nd thru 6th grades. Miss Hendersen for 2nd, Ms Alt for 4th, Mr Schupman for 5th and Mr. Liliquist for 6th. (3rd grade escapes me).

    1. You would’ve been a couple years before me – I went from K-4, and then the school closed and I went to Noble.

      My teachers were Spoden (K), Petron (1st), Breedlow (2nd), Alt (3rd), and Christensen (4th).

      I remember my 4th grade class was split between 3rd and 4th grades.

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