File#FF103 Scott



Record number 104

Institution name Robbinsdale Historical Society
Object number FF103
Number of parts 2
Distinguishing features Photos

Object name and title
Object category Family Files
Object name Scott
Title Scott, J.B. Family

Production dating
Date (early) 1929

Content description
Description Photo of Scott family grocery

Physical description
Description Photo in plastic covering (original?) with accompanying
descriptive letter

Inscriptions and markings
Inscription / marking same spot as Scott’s 42nd Bdwy 1929, , Mgr., Grocery on W. Broadway

Object history
Object history note Picture showing the Scott family grocery around 1929, along
with a descriptive letter highlighting the family business,
geneology and other relations throughout Robbinsdale

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Date 2014-01-12
Time 10:46:15
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Date 2014-04-02
Time 18:04:59
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