File#FF005.2 Barr, Blaine

Record number 459

Institution name Robbinsdale Historical Society
Object number FF005.2
Number of parts 1
Distinguishing features Newspaper Articles

Object name and title
Object category Family Files
Object name Barr, Blaine
Title Barr, Blaine

Production dating
Date (early) 1993

Physical description
Description One newspaper cutout from the Post

Object history
Object history note This file contains one newspaper cutout from the December
29, 1993 edition of the Post that is an obituary for the
Reverend Blaine Barr, pastor of the Parish Community of St.
Joseph in New Hope. He was controversially the leader of the
People Responding in Social Ministry (PRISM) social action
network. He passed away on December 19, 1993, and was
replaced by Reverend Don Piche.

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Date 2014-10-08
Time 18:33:06
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