File#CF0101 Street Scenes, 42nd and Broadway etc.


Record number 175

Institution name Robbinsdale Historical Society
Object number CF0101
Number of parts 89
Distinguishing features Photos, Newspaper Articles

Object name and title
Object category City Files
Object name Street Scenes
Title Street Scenes, 42nd and Broadway etc.

Production dating
Date (early) 1911
Date (late) 1992

Content description
Description Scenes of streets, people, businesses traffic

Physical description
Description Several reproduced photos, some poorly photocopies of
photos, cut-out newspaper articles; several repeats from the
earlier street scenes file

Inscriptions and markings
Inscription / marking (Robin Recreation Tavern building) Pete Wykoski’s Tavern,
Shoe Repair, Feed Stroe, Pomerleau Garage looking West
Hubbard Ave between 41 1/2 and 42nd; (Two houses with water
tower in background) 1950s looking NW Hubbard Ave. at 41st;
(Cars on street in front of house with Red Owl on right)
West Side of Highway 52 41st to 41 1/2 1950s; (Pomerleau
Garage building) 4167 Hubbard Feed Store and Pomerleau Grage
1940s; (Parking lot, Maltzen’s) W. Broadway looking East 41
1/2 block; (Parking lot, Maltzen’s with store on right) W.
Broadway looking East Between 41 1/2 and 41st; (Street with
Robin Lanes, Wilson Realty Co.) Robbinsdale Street Scene
looking North from 41st Early 1940s; (Parade in front of
Gamble Stores) Robbinsdale Good-Will Day Aug. 27-28, 1938
Parade, Taken from top of Wilson Realty Co. Building; (Man
sitting on corner) Corner 42nd and W. Broadway looking west
toward RR train, Nosette (?) store at right; (Parade with
children standing on curb) Goodwill Days 1938 taken from top
of Wilson Realty Co. building; (Bridges) Bridge under
construction Robbinsdale 1940; (Building with pump in front)
c. 1911 Chas Schuller Farm Implement Hardward store at
right; (Truck and car at stoplight) 1990 W. Broadway facing
west on 42nd Ave. N.; (Highway overpass) Highway 100 and
34th; (Streetcar in snow) In Robbinsdale 1915; (Cars parked
in a row on street) Early 1920s; (Car in front of Minnehaha
Pale building) West Broadway 1920s; (Street corner with
Braun’s Bakery on right) Robbinsdale’s downtown area as it
looks today with new sidewalks, trees, lights, and banner,
photo by Margaret Chuba; (Man standing in front of school
bus) 1924 1st school bus with Howard Hommes , driver;
(Street with American flags) Red Cross benefit of Mrs.
Parker’s home WWI; (Street with Ice Cream sign on left)
Looking north on w. Broadway from 41 1/2 Ave. N. circa 1924;
(Buildings behind bare trees) Main St. south of
Sonfectionary 1920-1930; (People in car in front of liery
buiilding) Circa 1910 Robbinsdale Livery Automobile Service-
VD Crandal; (Man shoveling) This was our March snow storm.
Mr. Adair shoveling the driveway. Looks like a PWA worker leaning on his shovel; (Van in front of building) Filtration plant #1 1970s; (Men standing by hay wagons, machines)

Threshing crew 1900s; (Cars in front of Carol’s Crafts
building) Fawcett Blg. 1980s; (Four cars at stoplight) 1992
Twon Center with 1st Bank at left 40th Broadway looking NW;
(Streetcar line) 1920s 42nd West Broadway show streetcar
turnaround and single track line looking north;

Object history
Object history note This file contains several more strete scenes of
Robbinsdale, many of which indicate what direction they were
taken from and what was being depicted. There are several
businesses shown here, as well as activities like parades,
many taken from several different time periods. Many are
repeats from the earlier CityFiles9

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  1. I am looking for information about a Tea Room where my folks were married in 1939. The building later became a funeral home. The Tea Room was run by Claude and Rose White. Any informing you might have would be most welcome.

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