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Record number 174

Institution name Robbinsdale Historical Society
Object number CF009
Number of parts 65
Distinguishing features Photos, Newspaper Articles

Object name and title
Object category City Files
Object name Street Scenes
Title Street Scenes

Production dating
Date (early) 1888
Date (late) 1993

Content description
Description Scenes of people, cars, streets, and businesses

Physical description
Description Several photo reproductions of older photos from the early
1900s; some newspaper photos as well, along with some
newspaper cutouts

Inscriptions and markings
Inscription / marking (men with horses and signs) Robbinsdale float in the
Industrial Parade in Minneapolis, July 7, 1911; (Three-story
building with people on porch) Hotel Georgia later Hotel
Columbia where Braun’s Bakery is 1890; (City hall building)
1888 Crystal Village Hall; (Street scene, Chrysler dealer,
Wyer Shop) 1945; (Clock tower) New clock tower on West
Broadway Robbinsdale photo 1993 Margaret Chuba; (Water
tower, from base) The Water Tower-June 17, 1938; (Policemen
on motorcycle) Bill Achlund officer on left motorcycle;
(Four-quarter page street scenes) 1) Standing on 41st
looking South on W. Broadway, 2) Standing on 42nd looking
south on W. Broadway World War II Honor Road (?), 3)
STanding on W. Broadway looking W. on 42nd, 4) STanding on
40th looking up Hubbard; (Street at night) 1954 night scene
on W. Broadway; (Lake scene with trees in background)
Crystal Lake looking south; (Ice cream truck) Corner of 42nd
and West Broadway in the 40s; (Street scene with buses)
Robbinsdale Street Scene looking south from 42nd Ave. Early
1940s; (Drug store) Mueller’s Fueller (?) drug store-42nd
and Broadway circa 1940 and on; (Street scene with Fawcett
Publication building) Main Street of Robbinsdale 1920s,
Note: Fawcett Building in right Home of Capt. Billy’s “Whiz
Bang”; (Fire Department building, front) Police and Fire
Department New Station completed April 1949, Robbinsdale,
Minn.; (Street with water tower in center of background)
Hubbard Ave.; (Men in car with Kirkwood Bros. banner) Same
dirty dog-I think you know every one there quite well here
but the one in front of the store are closer. Having one
enlarged like this for offoce of store; (Two cars in snow)
Blizzard 11-11-40; (Multiple cars in snow) Blizzard Nov. 11
40; (Single car in snow) Nov. 11 1940 Armistice Day Blizard;
(Water tower upright frame) Robbinsdale water tower 150 ft.
high 11,000 gallons cap of tank March 25, 1938; (Water tower
frame plus bottom part) Robbinsdale water tower under
construction, March 1938; (Leaning water tower) Water Tower
6-27-35; (Marching down the street) Jul. 4, 1908,
Robbinsdale celebration photo donated by Wally and Barb Olson; (Parked car on street with bus in background) 1948

and NW 41st Bdwy, 1954;

Object history
Object history note This file contains several photo reproductions and original
picture postcards that show several street scenes of
Robbinsdale, primarily from the 1940s, but there are some
from much earlier and some later. Street scenes are most
depicted, along with some notable local landmarks,
businesses, and weather scenes, such as the 1940
Blizzard.Recently added are pictures of the 1908 4th of July
parade, photos depicting the fall and reconstruction of the
town water tower, various city streets, as well as newspaper
articles featuring a potential Goodwill Days parade, a
special report from the Post on the Robbinsdale downtown,
and the development of a housing project in town. Recently
added are two photos of Bass Lake Road in Crystal, a
newspaper article about the change in price of Robbinsdale
land lots in 1907, photocopies of memories of bygone days in
Robbinsdale, and a commemerative edition of the Post
complete with several photos.

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