File#CF003 Crystal Village

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BA Robbinsdale Historical Society
CB Crystal History
DF Recollections, Booklets
DS 1996
IN CF003
OB Crystal Village
OC City Files
PB This file contains several documents pertaining to Crytal Lake Village’s history, including two programs depicting historical salutes to Crystal Lake, a photo of “The History of Crystal,” photocopied pages describing Crystal Lake’s early history recorded in “The Hisoty of Hennepin County,” and two seperate documents describing historical data, such as population growth in Crysta Lake Village and a timeline of notable events in the village’s history. Recently added is a photocopy of the article “Crystal Village, a Subtraction Problem,” by Franklin Curtiss-Wedge that describes changes to the layout of Crystal.
PD Two original programs from 1996, one photo of a display, one set of photocopied pages from “History of Hennepin County,” two documents depicting historical data, as well as a photocopied set of an undated article on Crystal Village.
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TI Crystal Village History
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