File#CF001.1 Crystal Lake

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BA Robbinsdale Historical Society
CB Bathing, swimming, boating
DE 1992
DF Photos
DS 1890
IA (Men with horses and wagon) Robbinsdale Ice and Fuel Co.-1890s- Don Johnson standing nearest the horses- Destroyed by fire around 1937 by kids shooting rockets; (Lake view with tree in foreground) 1992- Crystal Lake from north shore- hospital in distance; (Three boys in front of bath house) Nash’s Baths on Crystal Lake 1916; (People in front of Crystal Baths) On east shore of Crystal Lake 1916; (Man on ice) Ice cutting 1890s Crystal Lake; (man with horses on ice) 1890 Ice cutting on Crystal Lake;
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OB Crystal Lake
OC City Files
PB This file contains several scenes from the Crystal Lake area, mostly for recreation. There are several nature shots of the lake, as well as some of the bath house located on the east shore. There are other shots of peple swimming and boating, as well as some of men ice cutting on the lake during the 1890s
PD Several reproduced photos, along with some originals, including some picture postcards. There is also a collection of photos that are taken from a newspaper cut-out
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TI Crystal Lake and Baths
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