File#BF057 Thriftway

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BA Robbinsdale Historical Society
CB thriftway supermarket
DE 2010
DF Photos, Newspaper Articles
DS 1995
IA (Checkout counter) Al Salsberg helping a customer at the THRIFT-WAY Store Thurs.; (Men with donation) Thriftway owner Al Salsberg and members of the Robb. Area Shrine Club with some of the food they are donating to the NEAR program
IN BF057
OB Thriftway
OC Business Files
PB This file contains four photocopies of newspaper articles, two of which appear to be advertisements for Al Salsberg, the Thriftway Supermarket founder and his 90th birthday, one is for the Thriftway store’s 50th anniversry, and the other was written by James Dedrick, describing his experiences as the supermarket’s first employee in 1960. Added are two photos from 1995, one showing owner Al Salzberg checking a customer out and one of him receiving a food donation from the local Shrine Club.
PD Four photocopies of newspaper articles and two photos originally used for the Post
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TI Thriftway
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