File#BF050 Schuller- Schlosser

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BA Robbinsdale Historical Society
CB hardware and appliance store history
DF Photos, Newspaper Articles
DS 1911
IA (Storefront, with gas pump) Chas Schuller Farm and Implements and Hardware store at right, earlier or later a grocery, c. 1911
IN BF050
OB Schuller- Schlosser
OC Business Files
PB This file contains a newspaper article describing the history of the Schuller and Schlosser hardware and appliance store, which began in 1898. It also details the owners’ family history as well as descriptions of the store’s activities. There are also two reproduced photos that depict the same storefront, which includes a gas pump and looks to be a garage, while the hardware store is off to the right in both photos.
PD One newspaper cutout from an older paper0 there is an older version of type and layout than the modern newspapers.
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TI Schuller- Schlosser
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