File#BF041 Robbinsdale Bakery/ Schapers

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BA Robbinsdale Historical Society
CB Schapers Bakery
DE 1990
DF Photos, Newspaper Articles, Recollections
DS 1912
IA (woman behind cash register) Schaper’s Bakery, 1930s-40s, Alice Norman; (married couple) August (Gust) and Anna Dittrick Schaper, married 1912, first baker in Robbinsdale; (man in bakery) Virgin Braun- Robb-Cl (remainder cut off)
IN BF041
OB Robbinsdale Bakery/ Schapers
OC Business Files
PB This file contains artifacts related to Schaper’s Bakery, also described as the Robbinsdale Bakery. This file contains three reproduced photos, one of which describes original owner August Schaper as married to his wife Ana and being the first baker in Robbisndale. There is also a photo reproduction (and close up) of Alice Norman, who must have been an employee there. There is also a photo reproduction of Virgil Braun in a bakery, assuming that he must have owned the newer bakery. There is also a newspaper article describing the closing of Scahper’s Bakery by the owner, as well as a description of his business history. There is also a hand-written note briefly describing the business history.
PD Three reproduced photos, one of which is in a torn paper cover, plus a photocopied newspaper article and a written note on the bakery’s history
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TI Robbinsdale Bakery/ Schapers
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