File#BF039 Robin Center

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BA Robbinsdale Historical Society
CB Robin Center shopping and retail
DE 1996
DF Photos; Newspaper Articles
DS 1990
IA (Children’s Shop) Part of Robin, 1991); (Merwin Drug) North End of Robin Center, 1990); (Midwest Federal) taken in 1991 in Robbin Center in front of Post Office; Shopping center with construction in front) Robbinsdale Town Square on w. Bdwy; (Street with cars, First Bank Robbinsdale and Guns and Range in background) 1992 Town Center with 1st Bank at left. Taken at 40th looking west; (parking lot with row of cars) Robin Center with Post Office; (Post Office) taken in 1991 So. end of Robin Center; (Big Wheel, Photo Time, VMO) 1980s part of Robin Center); (Bea’s, Big Wheel) Bea’s 1972-93 Bea Wigand; (Children at parade) Bubblegum the clown sent a ball loaded with a water balloon whizzing around a group of kids at the Town Center Extravaganza Sat.
IN BF039
OB Robin Center
OC Business Files
PB This file contains several original and reproduced photos, all of the Robin Center Shopping Center, including views of the Midwest Federal, Merwin Drug, the Children’s Shop, Bea’s, and Thompson Oak Furniture, the post office, VMO, Big Wheel and other stores including some views depicting wider shots of the shopping center. There is also a newspaper cutout from 1993 depicting two new stores, “Christmases- A Dickens of a Deal” and the VMO. Recently added is a photo from the Town Center Extravaganza in 1996
PD Nine original photos and four reproduced photos along with one newspaper cutout
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TI Robin Center
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