File#BF037 Red and White

%0 260
BA Robbinsdale Historical Society
DE 1996
DF Photos, Newspaper Articles
DS 1940
IA (Storefront) Blizzard 11-11-40
IN BF037
OB Red and White
OC Business Files
PB This file contains two photos, one a reproduced image from the 1940 Blizzard in front of the Red and White store. There is also another photo of E.W. Peterson posing next to his family’s original store delivery truck. Peterson and the Red and White store history is also recounted in the accompanying newspaper article. Also found is a black and white drawing of the Red and white truck with the E.W. Peterson lettering.
PD One reproduced photo, one original phots, and a newspaper cutout
QU 4
TI Red and White Stores
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