File# FF091 Robbins, A.B.

Record number 92

Institution name Robbinsdale Historical Society
Object number FF091
Number of parts 87
Distinguishing features Photos, Newspaper Articles, Recollections, Geneology,

Object name and title
Object category Family Files
Object name Robbins

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Description The history of the founder of Robbinsdale

Physical description
Description Several typed histories and geneologies, complete with
letters of correspondence from other cities describing the
history of the Robbins family, including several places
outside of Robbinsdale such as Willmar and Boise, ID.
Included are also several photocopies of artifacts like
house deeds, comany stock certificates, birth certificates,
et. al. Also included are several newspaper articles

Object history
Object history note A collection of information pertaining to the Robbins
family, including several family geneologies of different
branches of the family, as well as related personal
histories. Also included are several newspaper articles
depicting the Robbins family public history, leading all the
way to the modern day. Also included are several photocopies
of artifacts such as house deeds, stock certificates, birth
certificates, poetry, as well as several letters of
correspondense describing the histiry of the famil, several
of which include events beyond Robbinsdale, such as in
Willmar and Boise, ID.

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