File # FF090 Robbins Family Photos



Record number 91

Institution name Robbinsdale Historical Society
Object number FF090
Number of parts 102
Distinguishing features Photos

Object name and title
Object category Family Files
Object name Robbins
Title Robbins family photos

Production dating
Date (early) 1847

Content description
Description Robbins family photos

Physical description
Description Photos, mostly reproductions of the Robbins family,
including family portraits, house views, gravestones, and
other everyday life.

Inscriptions and markings
Inscription / marking Robbins house, 1847;Amy Robbins, 1920; Robbins house- where
Lions Park is, 1890; Elizabeth Robbins, 4 1/2 month, 1905;
inside Robbins home; Robbins home with pool in front; fire
place in Robbins home; The Tea House, Late 1920s; Mr. and
Mrs. A.B. Robbins about 1867; A.B. Robbins, founder of city,
at work in his office; Amy Robbins, WWI; Amy Robbins, ca.
1919; Luther Seminary, Robbinsdale; Library and music room,
Robbins home; (Tea house with snow) The old Garret
house-Edith and Amy Robbins are re-modeling it for a tea
room- This shows the east and south sides- Taken Nov. 24th,
192- You see we have much snow- Tea Room is just north of
filling station- 4229 W. Bdway?

Object history
Object history note A collection of photos and photo reproductions regarding the
Robbins family, particularly Mr. and Mrs. A.B. Robbins and
their daughter, as well as several photos of their
residence, plus some pictures of other family members;
several copies of many different pictures

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Robbins Mansion