File# BF026 Milk Companies

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BA Robbinsdale Historical Society
DF Photos
DS 1932
IA (Man standing on carriage) Franklin Dairy; (Milkmen in front of truck) Mar. 14, 1932, Left to right 1. (empty) 2. Leslie Carlson (later built the Embers on 36th and Hwy. 100, 3. Al Thompson (brother in law of Johnson), 4. Joseph Roskop, 5. (Unknown) Johnson, 6. George Johnson (last two Johnson Brothers, owners)
IN BF026
OB Milk Companies
OC Business Files
PB This file contains two separate depictions of milk companies in Robbinsdale. The first depicts a delivery cart for Franklin Dairy, while the other depicts a staff and roster for the Johnson Brothers Dairy.
PD Two reproduced photos, one in a cardboard frame
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TI Milk Companies
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