File# BF025 Merwin Drug

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BA Robbinsdale Historical Society
DE 1995
DF Photos, Newspaper Articles
DS 1976
IA (Woman stocking shelves) Jennifer Chase is in charge of stocking shelves at Merwin’s Drug in Robin Center, Robbinsdale
IN BF025
OB Merwin Drug
OC Business Files
PB This file contains several newspaper articles surrounding Merwin Drug. One describes the the store expanding its menu, while describing the location, while another describes an expansion to include groceries. Another describes a purse-snatching that occured at the store, and there also is a photocopied advertisement depicting employees of the store and other location about the store’s past. Recently added is a 1995 photo from the Post the depicts worker Jennifer Chase stocking shelves in the Robin Center store.
PD Three original newspaper cutouts along with a photocopy of a newspaper advertisement, and a 1995 photo originally used in the Post
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TI Merwin Drug
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