File# BF012 First Robbinsdale State Bank

%0 224
BA Robbinsdale Historical Society
DE 2010
DF Photos, Newspaper Articles, Artwork
DS 1906
IA (Man in tie) Ken Sherhan (?) May 1988; (Robbinsdale State Bank exterior) Robbinsdale State Bank incorporated in 1906; (Building demolition) Carol Crafts Blg. demolition- old R. Bank Bldg.; (Clock face) Back of clock- numbers are ingraved (sic) in glass- glass is 1/4″ thick
IN BF012
OB First State Bank
OC Business Files
PB This file contains extensive artifacts regarding the First Robbinsdale State Bank, including any other derivatives of that business. This file contains several pictures of the building in various stages of history, all the way up to the original building’s demolition and subsequent move to another location. It also included several newspaper articles on the bank’s history, including residents who worked there like John Brauch and Sven Grundstrom, the bank’s Great Depression activities, and several robbery attempts. There is also an extensive amount of artifacts, including advertisements, flyers for insurance an insurance policy copy from 1925, a checkbook case with check stubs from 1950, various bank statements dating as far back as 1925, a typed history of the bank, and specifications and blueprints from the bank’s remodeling in 1964
PD Several original photos from the past few years, several other reproduced photos, some from the early 1900s, several newspaper cutout with some newspaper photocopies; also, several original artifacts, including a history of the bank, original bank statement, an original check book case, a copy of an insurance policy, flyers for insurance information, an issue of Ideas for Better Living released by the bank, and several plans and blueprints for the bank’s renovation
QU 38
TI First Robbinsdale State Bank- Security State Bank of Robbinsdale
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dm 2014-04-22
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  1. I was at my church rummage sales in South St. Paul Minnesota and I bought a security State Bank checkbook with stubs and a few checks left. When did the bank close? Or is it still at it business?
    I am on my member of the Dakota County Historical society and former trustee for the society.

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