File# BF010 Elwood/Robin Hotel

%0 222
BA Robbinsdale Historical Society
DF Photos, Booklets
DS 1990
IA (Building with car) Robin Hotel-across from Sacred Heart
IN BF010
OB Elwood Hotel
OC Business Files
PB This file contains one original photo of the exterior of the Elwood/Robin Hotel, plus two artifacts, an original notepad with hotel letterhead and an envelope with the same markings.
PD One oringinal photo taken in 1990, one used envelope with hotel letterhead, and an original hotel notepad, again, with letterhead
QU 3
TI Elwood Hotel/Robin
di 2014-03-16
dm 2014-04-22
ni 1
nm 1
tm 18:02:28
tx 12:35:20
vi collect>intern
vm collect>intern


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