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BA Robbinsdale Historical Society
DE 1962
DF Photos, Newspaper Articles
DS 1906
IA (Three men in front of shop) The men in the picture are Heakon Christensen (my father) Albert Heidleberg, Lars Nasett (store-keeper and postmaster); (Family in front of house) House located between the Boteneau Road (now West Broadway) and Great Northern Railroad tracks and facing the Boteneau Prarie (sic) Road. In village of Perker’s Station (or about 44th and West Broadway-Robbinsdale, Minn.) It was A.B. Robbins property- H. Christensen and A. Baker were renters- struck by lightning and burned to the ground about 8:00 P.M. in the evening- I was about earlt teenage; (People at train station) Lake Independent 1912, 1. George Christensen 2. Elizabeth Craig 3. Harriet Kuch 4. Morton Grennel 5. Nelle Barthalomew; (White house on postcard) Heakon Christensen Home 4203 Regent Ave. No. Robbinsdale, Minn.; (Shop with church in background) Circa 1906 Hans Christensen Blacksmith shop- corner 42nd and W. Broadway, Congregational Church in background
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OB Christensen’s Blacksmith

OC Business Files
PB This file contains an extensive amount of phots reproductions related to the Christensen Blacksmith shop in town. There are several photos of the shop itself from 1906, in regards to its location in town, the home of the Christensen himself, and other scenes from around the early 1900s Robbinsdale. There are also some newspaper articles describing the shop and its history. Recently added are two articles, one a cutout discussing Haakon Christensen starting his first business in 1887, and the second an edition of the April 5, 1945 Robbinsdale Post that centers around Christensen’s death and obituary. Recently added is a newspaper photocopy that shows a view of downtown Robbinsdale in the late 1890s that centers on the Christianson Blacksmith shop.

PD Several reproduced photos, some of which have cardboard backing; also several newspaper articles featuring copied photos and accompanying text
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TI Christensen’s Blacksmith
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