X= Adventure, X= Western Romance, X= Detective


In 1924, five years after Captain Billy and his brothers established Fawcett Publications in Robbinsdale, Triple X became one of the fledgling publisher’s earliest success stories. Edited By Captain Billy’s brother, Roscoe Fawcett and Jack Smalley, the two bit Triple-X men’s adventure magazine was available at newsstands across America for over a decade. In addition to a monthly collection of Westerns, the pulp thrilled readers with sports stories and war stories that combined western heroes, flying aces and detectives. The Action took place on the trail, in the air and occasionally at sea.


Triple X published a parade of pulp writers that included Murray Leinster, W.C. Tuttle, Will James, Tom Hopkins,Victor Rousseau, Arthur Guy Empey, William M. Rouse,W.C. Tuttle, Stephen Payne, Jay Lucas and Edgar Rice Burroughs.  Fawcett illustrated his adventure magazine with cover art by Harry Parkhurst, Denton Clark, Will James, Alan Anderson and Will King.