Dr. Samuelson’s Victory Hospital

In 1939, Dr. Samuel Samuelson built the $125,000 Victory Hospital at the complicated intersection of Lowry, France, Oakdale and Victory Memorial Drive. When Victory Hospital opened in January of 1940, the three story, marble faced building had five operating rooms and a capacity for 70 beds. Victory was the first general purpose hospital built outside of the downtown areas of Minneapolis and St. Paul.


In 1954, Victory became North Memorial Hospital when it was reorganized as a private, non-profit hospital. Three years later, North Memorial received accreditation by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals. Over the next 50 years several expansion projects would take North Memorial from a 30 room facility to a 518 bed medical center. Today North Memorial Medical Center is a regional trauma center with eight helicopters, 120 ambulances, and 725 employees. (Photos Courtesy of Sunny Worel)