Dr. Colp Brought a Little Royalty to Robbinsdale.



Donald G. Colp was born in Nova Scotia . He graduated from Yale’s Divinity School in 1897 and went on to study at Carleton College in Northfield before he became pastor of the First Congregational Church. He began the study of medicine in 1908 and opened his practice in Robbinsdale where he worked as a physician and surgeon for over 40 years. After his first wife died in 1929 Dr. Colp had the good fortune of being introduced to a German Countess. He brought a little royalty to Robbinsdale when he married Countess Utta Larisch of Barvaria. Dr. Colp spent the winters of his later years in Miami. After a trip to Brazil in 1947, the good doctor became ill. He was flown to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, but only survived and few months. He died the following spring at the age of 78. The house overlooking Crystal Lake at 38th and West Broadway became nursing home and was torn down when the facility expanded.


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  1. The homes on the Twin lakes in Robbinsdale have been known to be occupied by the wealthy and millionaires. There is significant history of families that have been fortunate to spend their lives on these beautiful lakes.

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