America’s Finest Theatre

In 1951, when the Terrace opened on a small hill above Crystal Lake, the building was one of the most dramatic and elegant theaters ever built in the Twin Cities. The International-style exterior was made up of a series of rectangles and a towering marquee, topped by the theater’s name. Inside the front doors, beyond the lobby, the Terrace was equipped with sweeping foyers overlooking a rolling lawn and enormous parking lot.


One unusual and very popular feature of the Terrace Theater was its television room, complete with sofas, chairs and a television. If the movie was dull, dad could always cut out and catch a little of the game. In the back of Terrace auditorium the architects installed soundproof “birthday party rooms” that could also be used for crying babies.




Over the years the Terrace made a variety of improvements.The equipment was upgraded in the 1970’s to 70mm projectors. In 1987 the Terrace was divided into a four-plex. The main auditorium was cut in half and two small balconies were separated and turned into small screening rooms. The “Midco Terrace” multi-plex debuted with a showing of Steve Martin’s “Roxanne” for a $1.00. In 1999 the last movie played and the Terrace closed.