A Business Street

“The American Suburbs Company is using every honorable means of inducing investors and prospective home builders to become new citizens”

An Ad in July 8th, 1908 Robbinsdale Tellit (Tell-it!) Newspaper

This postcard from 1911 looks  south on West Broadway from 42nd. The sign on the corner reads: “Keep off the sidewalks, Teams and Bicycles.” The Russ Grocery is the first building on the right. Cement curbs and sidewalks were added at the request of Andrew B. Robbins in 1906.  A couple years later the little village had an electric light system which included nearly all the businesses and  residences in town. West Broadway was lit with series of arc lights. By 1911, telephone service was available. Downtown businesses included G.J.Urban’s Meat Market, The Columbia Hotel, Russ Grocery, Bossert’s Cement Works, Nash Hardware, Scott’s Emporium, Grenell’s Pool Hall, Nassets General Store and George Swifts Drug Store.