3 Things Robbinsdale on


Even as many people prepare for the 64th Annual Whiz Bang Days festival to celebrate the heritage of Robbinsdale, there are some facts about the city and its history festival-goers might not know.

You can give yourself a historical tour of Robbinsdale — just follow the bronze plaques. The Robbinsdale Historical Society put up bronze plaques in certain spots throughout the city to describe key buildings and businesses that were there when Robbinsdale first became a city. Some of those locations include 42nd and Broadway, where there used to be an old blacksmith; Sacred Heart Church; and the site of the old Robbinsdale High School at 42nd and Highway 100. There are about 10 plaques total.

“We think that’s it’s a good opportunity for people to learn a little bit about Robbinsdale history in a casual way,” says Robbinsdale City Manager Marcia Glick.

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